absolutely mentail

Podcasters may be split on whether publishers should offer subscription options to access their lineup ad-free, but actor-comedian Ricky Gervais thinks there is enough demand that he is making his forthcoming series Absolutely Mental available as a standalone paid podcast. When the show launches May 10, Deadline reports listeners will need to pay $14.99 to access the 11-epsiode series.

Absolutely Mental features Gervais in conversations with Sam Harris about “the wonders of science and the chaos of modern life” according to its brief. Gervais ponders a series of questions on the podcast’s trailer including what are dreams for? What noise does a monster make? When does a baby start thinking? Why do you think we fear death?

“These aren’t academic lectures. They are casual chats about how it feels to be human,” Gervais told Deadline. “Evolution, the mind body problem, spirituality, morality, mortality, the pursuit of happiness, and free speech. And by ‘free’, I mean $14.99.”

Each episode will be about 30 to 40 minutes long and subscribers will reportedly be able to access the podcast on whatever podcast app they are using.

In addition to his work on Absolutely Mental, Harris also hosts the Making Sense podcast.