Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance has joined the podcasting revolution, with the launch of “Ballots and Dollars,” a weekly series about how political issues impact American’s finances. The premiere episode tackles the topics of healthcare and Medicare for all, while the second discusses this week’s initial Democratic debates.

Co-hosts Yahoo Finance anchor Alexis Christoforous and Yahoo Finance columnist Rick Newman “will zero in on the critical political, financial and economic issues as we near the hotly contested and historic 2020 Presidential race,” a release said.

Christoforous is an award-winning radio and TV anchor who hosts “The First Trade,” Yahoo Finance’s market preview and opening bell show, reporting on headlines expected to drive the day's market action. Newman is known for his “This Week in Trump-o-nomics” column and takes on stories that connect finance to politics.

Yahoo Finance will debut two more podcasts later this summer: “The Art of the Exit,” following history’s greatest heists; and “Illegal Tender,” which takes a new look at oil tycoon Aubrey McClendon and suspicious circumstances around his untimely death. All three podcasts will be available to listeners in the U.S., UK and Canada.

The new slate of programming will be recorded in Verizon Media’s recently opened studio space in New York, which includes an audio recording studio and 360-degree, 4k-capable studio, where Yahoo Finance currently shoots its eight hours of live bell-to-bell financial news coverage.