Google is angling for a bigger share of the podcast market and it will do that not only through its Google Podcast app but also on YouTube. The company is reportedly looking to hire its first podcast-focused executive for the video streaming service. The Strategic Partner Manager of Podcast Content Partnerships opening says the position is focused on working with YouTube content creators and podcasters to help them build and grow their business on the video platform. The opening was first reported by Bloomberg, which reports the position – a new one for YouTube – looks to capitalize on the podcast listening that is already being done on the app. Since the start of the year YouTube has been selling audio-only advertising as an option to marketers for people you use its site to listen – but not watch – content. 

Edison Research earlier this year conducted a study of people who primarily listen to podcasts on YouTube as part of its research work for NPR. One of the questions it asked is where did they go first to try to find a podcast they have heard about. Half (50%) said YouTube, followed by Google at 30%. Only a small number said they would hunt on a podcast app directly – Edison said 4% said Spotify and 2% picked Apple Podcasts.

“Am I telling you that your podcast needs to be on YouTube? I kind of am, because it is the universal content search engine,” said Edison SVP Tom Webster during a presentation at Podcast Movement in August. “You can probably find it on YouTube if I tell you to look for it – if your podcast is there. That’s part of being easy to find.”

Last month Edison’s Latino Podcast Non-Listener Report showed how YouTube could work to bring in more Hispanics to podcasting. It showed two-thirds of non-listeners use YouTube to listen to music. That’s not far behind 70% of podcast listeners.

“It’s time we take to heart that non-listeners first experience or gateway to podcasts is through video,” said Elsie Escobarcor, founder of She Podcasts and Community Manager at Libsyn, said during a webinar. “Yes podcasting at its core is an audio medium and it’s meant to be listened to, but for these audiences, listening on podcast apps is not going to be that first exposure.”