Rush Limbaugh studio

Rush Limbaugh provided an update on his health and his ongoing battle with advanced lung cancer during his Friday, June 19 program.

Saying he has been receiving messages inquiring about his health, the conservative radio talk show host revealed he had an infusion ten days ago. “Today is the first day I feel like being alive after that infusion,” he told his legion of Dittoheads.

Limbaugh said it was the second infusion and he is “not suffering any of the typical or the worst side effects that you hear about. For example, no nausea, no gastric or gastrointestinal distress at all,” he continued in the segment. “The primary side effect I have is a debilitating fatigue. I can’t even describe it because it’s so much more than being tired.”

He did say that he is suffering from a constant “rotten taste” and that “everything has a rotten smell… So, I’m forcing myself to eat a bunch of stuff that literally tastes like horrible stuff.”

He opened the update by saying he never planned to give frequent reports on his health, for various reasons. “So, I’m not trying to hide anything, and I’m not trying to shield you from anything,” he said as he closed the segment. “I’m actually simply trying to take what I’ve learned in this process and understand that it changes frequently and constantly, that nothing is guaranteed… You take every day as it comes, when you get a good one, you rejoice… When you get a bad day, you try to limit it, you live through it, you don’t complain about it.”