Inside Radio Podcast 375

As audiences continue to shift from linear to on-demand consumption, a soon-to-be-released study shows a major opportunity for radio in time-shifted audio. Conducted by Nielsen and Futuri Media, the study found that half of respondents said they would listen to time-shifted audio and a high percentage are willing to share audio content they access on their social media channels with their friends.

Futuri co-founder and CEO Daniel Anstandig broke the news of the new study on the latest episode of the Inside Radio Podcast. “We believe there is a lot of potential for time-shifted audio with broadcasters," Anstandig said. The study, which Nielsen fielded with a national sample of adults 18+, set out to gauge the interest listeners have in time-shifting their favorite radio shows and personalities. It also surveys how audiences currently perceive time-shifted audio in general.

Anstandig used the podcast to reveal two key findings from the study before it is formally released. First, half of respondents said they understand the concept of time-shifted audio, find it interesting and would listen to it. Second, what Anstandig calls a “high percentage” of participants are willing to share audio content they access on their social media channels with their friends. The results uncover “an incredible opportunity” to get more time spent listening by allowing listeners to time-shift audio content. In addition, they illuminate the potential to leverage loyal listeners to spread content to their social circles – “getting them to kind of mobilize and share our content with their friends,” Anstandig said.

The survey also found a low level of awareness for radio’s on-demand offerings, suggesting broadcasters need to step up promotion and marketing efforts. “It’s still small but it is increasing,” Anstandig said of awareness levels. But there is encouraging news here, too. The demographics that exhibit the highest potential for time-shifted audio “are the ones that are most important to us and our future,” Anstandig said.

On the podcast, Anstandig also talks about lessons radio can learn from upheaval in the TV industry, the importance of data in today’s media world, the smart speaker opportunity, and what Spotify’s acquisition of podcast publisher Gimlet Media means to radio.

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