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By Rob Stearns Senior Director of National Sales, BuzzBoard and former Sales Manager at WSTR-FM ATL

“How will we ever get to our number? My spot load is down, the market is eroding, and our best reps have all bailed.” Sometimes I really hate Mondays…sure do miss the “good old days!”

Those days are long gone, replaced by a fragmented media market. The good news…radio still has terrific brand awareness, which enables your sales teams to offer up a full slate of broadcast AND digital solutions.

What if there were a sales tool that could tell you who to call on, what to say, and how to engage with the decision maker? Enter BuzzBoard, the easy to use, very intelligent solution.

BuzzBoard is a high octane sales tool that acts as a “digital drone,” ranking every business with its propensity to buy. Now your reps will soar above the crowd when engaging with both their customers and prospects.

Imagine how the overall quality of your team’s sales calls will increase when they’re equipped with this simple, yet powerful platform. Whether it’s a newbie or legacy seller, say goodbye to “cold call aversion” and hundreds of missed opportunities.

Andy Katz, Digital Sales Director for Lincoln Financial, said: “I love the confidence and power it gives my AE’s, especially my senior sellers who tend to shy away from picking up the phone and embracing digital.” Jeff Silberblatt from S/O2 Digital said: “BuzzBoard helps tell the story…..It’s a Digital MRI……I just closed a 6 figure deal…thanks to BuzzBoard!!!”

You, too, can have this tool in your arsenal, now.

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