After years of expanding its presence in the Nashville area, Educational Media Foundation (EMF) has found a location for its new headquarters as the Christian broadcaster relocates to Tennessee from Northern California.

EMF has closed on an 11-acre property in the Berry Farms community in southern Franklin, the Tennessean reports. Its current base of operations is in Rocklin, CA, which is about 22 miles from Sacramento.

“Middle Tennessee is the hub for Christian musicians, publishers, filmmakers and industry professionals, making it a great place for us to call ‘home,’” CEO Bill Reeves said. “It is incredibly important to us to be somewhere that shares our values. We’re excited to bring our headquarters here. The content we’ll be broadcasting from this community will impact people across the U.S. and around the world.”

Reeves has lived in the Nashville area for the past 25 years. In March, he told the Tennessean, “It just makes sense for us to be here around the content creators and the business people.”

EMF’s “K-Love” morning show (“The Skip & Amy Show”) and Air1 programs originate from studios in the Nashville area, which is also home to the company’s AccessMore podcasting operations, WTA Media and live events and promotions divisions.

The new headquarters will consist of 17,000 square-feet and include six floors that will house broadcast facilities, podcast and video production studios, along with a worship center. Construction is set to begin in mid-2022.

The property purchase and construction of the new facility is part of EMF’s three-year relocation plan.

"The reason we did that, in part, was because of some of the challenges here in the area with housing inventory," Reeves said. "For us, we felt like staging that over a two- to three-year period would be easier on the county and easier on us."