LiveOne 375

A new partnership between live music streaming service LiveOne and tech company Zync will bring audio and visual music entertainment experiences to high end connected cars. The multi-year agreement will put live concerts, vodcasts from PodcastOne talent, pay-per-view events and other music-focused streaming content on the screens of connected cars, starting with Mercedes Benz in late 2022.

The deal takes advantage of the expansive Mercedes Benz MBUX hyperscreen, a 56-inch, gently curved piece of glass, where three separate displays merge to look like a single entity.

"We are excited to partner with Zync to deliver our streaming video and audio music content through their cutting-edge in-car digital entertainment platform," LiveOne President Dermot McCormack said in a release. "Zync customers will have the opportunity to unlock a universe of digital experiences from LiveOne including live concerts, vodcasts, pay-per-view events, festivals, and virtual meet and greets. This partnership truly elevates the time spent in our cars and gives consumers the ultimate personalized immersive in-car experience."

The in-car entertainment option from LiveOne is in addition to Zync’s current offerings of video, sports, news, and gaming. Zync-enabled vehicles can play back content on the center console, passenger screen, and rear-seat-entertainment screens.

"Music has been inextricably linked to the automotive experience since the first car radio was introduced in 1922," Zync CEO Rana June remarked. "Now, 100 years later, Zync's platform amplifies the unique emotional connection between music, man, and machine by facilitating new sensory dimensions in the car. Zync comes to life by providing the best content available, and we cannot imagine a better partner in the music and live events space than LiveOne to captivate and inspire our audiences."