The latest Edison Research data shows 51% of people who’ve ever listened to a podcast said they used the medium as a way to relax before going to bed. What better place to put a mattress ad? A new analysis from Magellan shows mattress companies have woken up to the opportunity that podcasting brings.

Magellan has dug into the Home & Appliance advertising category and it finds more than half (55%) of the ads in the vertical from May 2018 to March 2019 came from three bedding companies: Casper (28%), Brooklinen (14%) and Leesa Mattress (13%). It also notes another bedding brand, Snowe, also started advertising on podcasts last month after its analysis was done.

“We picked up less ads from both Casper and Leesa Mattress over time,” the Magellan report says. “We started picking up fewer ads from Casper in October, and from Leesa Mattress in September. By contrast, we picked up an increase in ads from Brooklinen from at the end of 2018.”

Digging deeper into how two of the mattress brands are using podcasting, Magellan compared Casper and Leesa Mattress’ buying strategies. It found that both companies ran more ads on comedy podcasts than on shows in other genres. But where they spent the remainder of their dollars is where the differences appeared. Casper also ran about 30% of their ads on Society & Culture and News & Politics podcasts while Leesa Mattress ran about 20% of their ads on Sports & Recreation podcasts.

“Over time, we see an overall decrease in the number of ads from both brands on the top 400 podcasts,” Magellan says. “Although we can see a greater percent decrease from Leesa Mattress.”

The Rick & Bubba Show, the podcast version of the syndicated morning radio show, was the biggest recipient of Casper ads. Says Magellan: “This host read mid-roll ad offers listeners $50 off their first purchase by going to and using code Bubba. In the ad, the host talks about their high quality foam mattress and their 100 night risk free trial.” But Casper ads were hard to miss. Magellan says it detected the company’s ads on more than 1,000 podcast episodes of which 16% of those contained a pre- and mid-roll, while 3% contained a pre-, mid- and post-roll.

For Leesa Mattress, it was The Ross Bolen Podcast that got the most ads. Says Magellan: “This host read pre-roll ad offers listeners $160 off by going to and using promo code RBP. The host talks about their hours of testing to create the perfect mattress.”

Magellan’s data is based on a review of which brands on the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual list of the 250 Direct Brands To Watch have turned up on podcast. When it comes to the Home & Appliance category, it says 72% have given it a go.

Download Magellan’s full report on the category here.