RadioNewsAI, an AI-generated news service developed in the Netherlands, is being shopped to stations in the U.S. The product allows local stations to deliver newscasts using an AI-generated voice based on RSS or website feeds.

RadioNewsAI was founded and developed by Stefan de Groot, who tells Inside Radio, “It's a total game-changer, especially for those stations on a tight budget who still want to provide top-notch news content.”

The RadioNewsAI website offers demos for news and weather with both male-voiced and female-voiced segments.

The service is available in three tiers, Basic ($49/month), Premium ($99/month), and Pro ($199/month), and allows clients to import content from any local website or RSS feed. Imported articles are transformed into news stories that can be narrated by an AI newscaster.

The tool allows stations to design a personalized newscast format using a drag-and-drop editor and to schedule regular updates. Dynamic fields including the time of day and a greeting can be added for a personalized touch and the newscasts can also be branded with identifiers, jingles, and imaging.

Users of RadioNewsAI can tailor and train the AI voice to personalize rewritten stories and make necessary edits. An option to review the audio before airing is also available. For weather, stations can provide a weather source or use RadioNewsAI’s built-in weather feature that only requires a location.

De Groot says he has been working on the service for about a month and already has stations using it.