An off-air exchange between Vic Faust, morning host at Viper Broadcasting rock “100.7 The Viper” KFNS St. Louis, and co-host Crystal Cooper, where Faust berates Cooper after she allegedly called him “stupid,” has resulted in both hosts being removed from the station’s website, putting their future at the station up in the air. Faust, who also serves as a news anchor on “Fox 2” KTVI-TV, can be heard repeatedly cursing and verbally attacking Cooper in the five-minute tirade.

Throughout the off-air confrontation, which was recorded and sent anonymously to the St. Louis Dispatch, Faust can be heard calling Cooper “fat,” “stupid,” and “nasty” while repeatedly using the word “bitch.”

“You’re a (expletive) mom, you don’t even know the topics we’re talking about. You’re just stupid.”

According to the publication, Faust use profanity at least 40 times during his attack and said, "Your kids have a (expletive) terrible mom. I feel sorry for them.”

During the exchange, Cooper tells Faust to “grow the (expletive) up” and that he was “acting like an immature (expletive),” to which Faust replied, "You grow up, you fat (expletive).”

Station management has not responded to a request for comment from Inside Radio. Both Faust and Cooper are no longer featured on the “100.7 The Viper” website and Cooper's Facebook page lists her as a “former morning co-host at 100.7 The Viper.”