SiriusXM 2021 375

To broaden its customer base beyond just people who listen to satellite radio in the car, SiriusXM has been focusing more on its streaming service. Now the satcaster has rolled out an updated SXM App.

The refresh features what is described as “a clean, colorful, and easy-to-use interface with expanded personalization features, simplified navigation, a richer dark display that puts the focus on content and other enhancements.”

The satellite broadcaster is looking to expand its reach beyond the demographics of traditional satellite radio listeners.

“It's a different product. It's a different market where it's younger, it's more diverse,” Executive VP/CFO Sean Sullivan said in September. “I think we need to really continue to invest and refine our content strategy to serve a different market of consumers.”

The refreshed app design includes new features such as Personalized Carousels, which give users easy access to their most recently-played content as well as personalized recommendations. The upgrade, available for iOS and Android smartphones, also boasts simplified navigation and headers, a streamlined browse section, and additional upgrades.

CEO Jennifer Witz teased the app upgrade earlier this month while reporting the company’s third-quarter earnings. She said that most of its new subscriber base going forward will come via its streaming app.

“While our streaming business is still at an early stage, we are investing in building out the experience and our capabilities in anticipation that it will become a much more significant part of our subscriber mix in the near future,” she explained. Witz said the app update is “the start of a series of improvements in the SiriusXM product that we will be making in the coming months.”