Jay Green

Soundrise, the podcast-focused ad selling unit spun out of the rep firm Market Enginuity in the fall, has recruited radio and podcast veteran Jay Green for its management team. Green has joined Soundrise as Senior VP of Strategy and Operations where the company says he will help “shine that light” on independent creators and create greater value for both brands and advertisers along the way.

Green joins Soundrise after nearly six years at Audacy where he most recently was Senior VP of Podcast Strategy and Operations at the podcast studio Cadence13. He earlier worked at AdLarge Media and PodcastOne, and he spent a dozen years managing research and operations at the radio network Dial Global. Green started his audio career in sales at Katz Radio.

Harry Clark, CEO of Soundrise, said Green’s background will help them bridge the gap between the largest advertisers and the niche creators they represent.

“The industry is getting incredibly competitive as we get into this next phase. Jay’s history navigating the wild west of podcast advertising will be invaluable,” Clark said in the announcement. “His expertise will help evolve our strategies and scale our operational capacity to grow the company, helping creators, advertisers and listeners alike.”

Soundrise was spun off in November from the public media advertising company Market Enginuity as a way to capitalize on the growing marketplace for digital audio. The spinoff also reflects what the company says is its “renewed commitment” to the public media stations Market Enginuity represents. As separate brands under shared ownership, Market Enginuity is focusing on growing revenue for public media partners in local markets while Soundrise is dedicated to podcasting – and it currently sells podcast advertising for about 100 podcasts distributed by PRX.

During his previous stops, Green was one of the first partners for much of the evolving tech and data in the space including Nielsen’s Podcast Listener Buying Power, Claritas, and IRI Kantar MWB, where he brought national brand recognition to podcasting. Those efforts paid off by securing early sponsorship deals with some of the biggest marketers today, including American Express, Walmart, Guitar Center, and Bose. Green will now look to replicate that at Soundrise by bringing major brands deeper into podcasting, to buy niche shows from independent creators.

“I’ll be looking to continue similar work that I’ve done in the past by building out the strategy necessary to bring together headline brands with independent creators,” Green says. “Our industry has evolved so much these past couple of years -- not just in the amazing content that is available to listeners and brands, but what we are able to do with it to prove out why podcasting is where they need to be.”

Selling The Niche

After working with some of the biggest podcast companies and with major brands, Green’s newest position will have him working with a different set of creators including many who come from the world of public media while others focus on super-service niche audiences rather than targeting the masses.

“Not all of them have millions of followers, but so many have built strong communities that are loyal and receptive to authentic partnerships between the podcast creator and the brands they promote. This is an untapped opportunity which I believe has massive potential,” Green says. “We can let our creators focus on the stories they want to tell, while at the same time letting brands tell their own stories and bringing them both to market in ways that maximize their potential with ad tech, attribution, measurement and delivery.”

Green says a big piece of his mission at Soundrise will be to understand how and what works best to drive audio forward. That game plan comes at a time when marketing budgets are under pressure and rapid changes are taking place in the ad marketplace where there is a growing focus on improving efficiencies and return on ad investments. That could work in the favor of the niche content and communities that some audio creators are building.

“One way advertisers are trying to protect their ad budgets is by making sure the podcasters and partners they work with make brand suitability a priority,” Green says. “These independent shows care a lot about their audience and when paired with a brand that matches those same values, ROI increases and the budgets can stay intact. It’s important that we be able to show continued returns to both our content and brand partners.”