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“The audio revolution is here and in full swing.” So says Veritone co-founder and president Ryan Steelberg in an op-ed piece he wrote for Adweek. His message that audio plays “an increasingly larger role in our everyday lives” finds a home in the influential publication that targets the advertising and marketing community. He posits that audio’s comeback presents prime opportunities for advertisers looking to target and engage listeners.

With Veritone’s aiWARE platform, used by Beasley, Bonneville, Cumulus, Entercom, iHeartMedia, Townsquare, Univision and other broadcasters, Steelberg has a bird’s-eye view of how attribution and analytics are reshaping the relationship between radio and marketers. In the Adweek piece, he offers five audio trends for 2019:

Podcasts and streaming will grow audio.

Advertisers continue to harness both AM/FM and satellite radio in their media mix. But Steelberg predicts “a significant boost will come from the rise of podcasts and streaming,” citing a doubling in the past 10 years of the U.S. population that has listened to a podcast in the last month. “As advertisers look ahead, podcast and audio streaming opportunities should be at the top of the priority list.”

Audio will increasingly be consumed digitally.

Thanks to the rapid growth of streaming services and the proliferation of smart speakers, digital audio consumption continues its upward trajectory. Steelberg says this opens “very attractive” targeting capabilities for advertisers, including the use of dynamic creative.

Podcasts will foster relationships with audiences.

Because they often target micro-niche audiences, podcasts engender a high level of engagement with listeners, something that marketers are hungry for. “Podcast listeners tend to have deep respect and trust for the host and are therefore more receptive to the brands that these hosts endorse,” Steelberg writes in Adweek.

Data from connected cars will cause disruption.

Today’s connected vehicles project a firehose of data that can be tapped by marketers to better understand the outcomes of advertising heard in the car. “Real-time in-car data may teach us that there are peak moments to reach listeners other than morning and evening,” Steelberg suggests.

AI will build brand relevance.

For Steelberg, AI refers to advertising intelligence, allowing audio ads to be tracked and analyzed, an area that Veritone has made its mark in. “This AI-fueled data can help advertisers take their campaigns to new levels by optimizing audience targeting, creative effectiveness, campaign spend and more,” he contends.