On with Kara Swisher 220

Influential tech journalist and podcaster Kara Swisher bolted from the New York Times earlier this year where she hosted the Sway podcast for the past two years. What drew her to Vox Media was the opportunity to launch a new interview podcast for New York Magazine. That show is now taking shape, with the launch of On with Kara Swisher later this month.

The twice-a-week podcast will feature Swisher in conversation with some of the most powerful people in Silicon Valley, Washington and Hollywood. Swisher is known for not holding her punches in interviews, and Vox Media says the new podcast will feature an even more “unfiltered” and “looser” Swisher with a show that will also be “more opinionated” than her earlier podcast for the Times. New episodes of the show will be released on Mondays and Thursdays, beginning September 26.

Swisher will also continue co-hosting the tech and business podcast Pivot with New York University marketing professor Scott Galloway. 

“In a sense, On with Kara Swisher is the show I’ve been working on since I first started podcasting in 2015. It marries some of the best parts of my past interview shows — the live journalism of Recode Decode and Sway with the voiciness and community aspects of Pivot,” says Swisher. “This is an exciting new chapter for me, and I think you’ll be able to hear that in the show.” 

Swisher announced in June that she was leaving the New York Times for an expanded relationship with Vox Media. As part of the new deal, Vox plans to build the Pivot podcast further into live events. Earleir this year it held the Pivot MIA event that focused on the innovators shaping the future of tech. It also began producing video content via a partnership with Salesforce+, which releases four exclusive clips from the show every week. Swisher is also a writer for Vox-owned New York magazine. 

Swisher is one of the top names in tech journalism, with a long history of covering Silicon Valley and her earlier cofounding of the AllThingsD and Recode websites and conferences. Recode was sold by Swisher and cofounder Walt Mossberg to Vox in 2015. During her time at the New York Times, Swisher was also a contributing writing for its Opinion section.

Vox says Hanna Rosin and Nayeema Raza are the executive producers of On with Kara Swisher. The show’s senior producers are Blakeney Schick and Cristian Castro Rossel.