New This Week 220

What’s cooking this week? Renowned chef and restauranteur Ruthie Rogers is coming to podcasting. Also new this week is a series that looks at the recent unrest in Cuba. There’s also a new daily podcast from Newsweek. And a podcast from Investigation Discovery that will culminate in a TV special. Also, filmmaker Tom Jennings and 1895 Films come to podcasting. “Today” show host Hoda Kotb looks for happiness while Lemonada’s looking for joy. 

Here’s some of what’s new this week in podcasting – 

++ River Cafe Table 4 is a new food podcast from renowned chef and restauranteur Ruthie Rogers. Known for her London River Café, the podcast is inviting listeners to join Rogers and her famous guests at the table for intimate conversations at the River Cafe’s most iconic VIP table to talk about one thing, and one thing only: food. 

“Whether you’re a musician or a footballer or a writer or an actor, we’re going to talk about food,” says Rogers. “The last thing Paul McCartney wants to discuss is rock and roll. Our guests want to talk about the foods they love.” 

Each week, Rogers invites guests such as Emily Blunt, Jake Gyllenhal, and David Beckham to reminisce about family suppers and first dates, what they cook, how they eat when performing, the restaurants they choose and what food they seek when they need comfort. 

++ SOS Cuba is a new special six-episode series from the popular interview podcast Hola, My Name Is and iHeartMedia’s My Cultura podcast network. Hosted by iHeartLatino chairman and chief creative officer Enrique Santos and NBC News anchor José Díaz-Balart who sit down with influencers, artists and journalists both from the island of Cuba and the global exiled community. Each episode dives deep into the history that shaped Cuba, shining a light on what happened on July 11, 2021, and the loud call for freedom that was heard on the streets of the communist-ruled country. From what’s motivated Cubans to take to the streets and demand “libertad” (liberty) now to what life is really like under Cuba’s repressive regime, “SOS Cuba'' explores the country like never before, providing a cry for help that all can answer together. 

++ Mind Of A Monster is a new true crime podcast from the Investigation Discovery cable channel that is a companion to its televisions series of the same name. The podcast explores what really goes on inside the depraved minds of serial killers, with chilling audio straight from the monsters themselves. Now with never-before-heard testimony, audio from interviews and first-hand confessions from the killers, and commentary from criminal psychologist Dr. Michelle Ward, each episode of the new six-episode companion podcast will give exclusive insight into the mind of some of the most notorious serial killers throughout history. Mind of a Monster debuts Sept. 21 and culminates with a two-hour TV special on Investigation Discovery on Nov. 1.

++ Some of My Best Friends Are is a new podcast from Pushkin Industries and iHeartRadio hosted by Khalil Gibran Muhammad and Ben Austen, a black man and a white man who grew up best friends on the South Side of Chicago in the 1980s. Now a Harvard professor and an award-winning journalist, Khalil and Ben get together again on the podcast to try and make sense of the absurdities and intricacies of race in America. Join them to listen in on their unfiltered conversations about growing up together in a deeply divided country, and how they’re still navigating that divide as it exists today. The first episode of Some of My Best Friends Are explores interracial friendships as portrayed in movies like “48 Hours” and “Lethal Weapon.”

++ Armored is a new podcast from Audiochuck. In this 10-part series, host Jake Brennan, is diving deep into the most notorious armored truck robbery cases in North America and beyond to figure out what fuels these perpetrators and the investigators whose job it is to catch them. The series is produced by Brennan and Audiochuck founder Ashley Flowers and is executive produced by Audiochuck’s Delia D’Ambra

++ The Daily Break is a new daily news podcast from Newsweek magazine. Hosted by Newsweek Editor-at-Large Naveed Jamali, a former FBI double agent, Navy intelligence officer and author of “How to Catch a Russian Spy.” The show is inspired by Jamali’s work in national security and will bring his unique experience in intelligence-focused analysis to trending news stories across the political spectrum. The program will have a daily episode format, with the goal of informing the audience on why the big stories are relevant, including hearing from occasional guests. 

“The Daily Break will be a destination for objective news analysis that helps the audience digest the biggest stories of the day with a critical eye, rather than getting swept up in partisan talking points,” said Jamali.

Jesse Edwards, who previously served as Executive Producer for Our American Stories with Lee Habeeb, as well as at Talk Radio Network (TRN), will be producing the program. The Daily Break is the third podcast in Newsweek’s roster.

“Naveed’s voice has already provided immeasurable insight to our audience through his writing and video content, and we are thrilled to now extend that to our podcast lineup,” said Nancy Cooper, Global Editor in Chief, Newsweek. “Naveed’s analysis will give listeners deeper insight into the stories that are making headlines, helping them understand which stories matter, and why.”

++  Pulling The Thread is a new interview podcast from Cadence13. It is hosted by writer and editor Elise Loehnen, the former goop Chief Content Officer and co-host of The Goop Podcast. For Pulling The Thread, she will explore the biggest questions of our time in conversation with cultural luminaries, thought leaders, scientists, theologians, doctors, and others. On the weekly show, Loehnen and guests will delve into topics including how we can understand our own experiences within a larger spiritual and historical context, the ways in which we might begin to understand ourselves and each other better, and what's required to heal ourselves and our world. 

“I'm excited to have the opportunity to create a forum for conversation with those who are well-equipped to help us understand ourselves better, particularly in the context of these times, when we are being asked to hold so much simultaneously,” said Loehnen. “I hope these interviews offer a chance for deep, non-judgmental reflection as we contemplate our inner lives, our relationships, and our social structures.”

Loehnen will be joined by guests including Joy Harjo, 23rd Poet Laureate of the United States, and internationally renowned performer and writer of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation; Riane Eisler, social systems scientist and cultural historian; Elizabeth Lesser, bestselling author and the co-founder of Omega Institute; Loretta Ross, professor, activist, radical Black feminist; Jamie Wheal, Executive Director of the Flow Genome Project and Co-Author of the global bestseller Stealing Fire; and Olivia Laing, British writer, novelist and cultural critic. 

++ The Followers: Madness of Two is a new series from USG Audio and Antica Productions. It delves deep into the story of Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell ahead of their pending trials including the deaths of her two children. Hosted by Sarah Treleaven, the show also explores religious fanaticism, brainwashing, greed, and the reality that even the most ordinary people can come to believe extreme ideas. The Followers: Madness of Two is executive produced by Kathleen Goldhar, Katrina Onstad and Stuart Coxe of Antica Productions. Sarah Treleaven, Beth Karas and Pacinthe Mattar serve as producers.

++ New Day is a new podcast from Lemonada Media. The weekly podcast is hosted by author, therapist, and grief expert Claire Bidwell Smith with the goal of helping listeners find more joy in each day. Lemonada says New Day helps listeners find energy, redefine balance, and make time for hobbies again.

“On New Day, we share insights and advice to keep moving forward. Every episode ends with ‘The Weekly Practice.’ These aren’t cure-all fixes; I’ve found it’s the small, consistent actions that add up to real change,” said Bidwell Smith.

 Episode one features bestselling author and podcast host Cheryl Strayed, talking about surviving the hardest years of your life. Other episodes feature actress and TV producer Ricki Lake talking about finding love on your terms. Billie Lourd (actress), Alua Arthur (death doula), Brandon Kyle Goodman (actor), Jeremiah Fraites (The Lumineers) and Fra Lazzarin (podcast host, In Giro con Fra). 

“So many of us are suffering in silence, feeling dread and more. Claire is the perfect person to help us to make the most of each New Day,” said Stephanie Wittels Wachs, Lemonada’s Chief Content Officer and co-founder. Jessica Cordova Kramer, Lemonada CEO and co-founder added, “When overwhelmed, it’s hard to know what to do. New Day offers simple steps listeners can put into practice every day.” 

New Day is executive produced by creator and host of the IGTV interview series Mind Wide Open, Lily Cornell Silver (the late Chris Cornell’s daughter) who will also appear from time to time as a youth correspondent. 

++ Top of the World: Lessons From Rebuilding The World Trade Center is a new podcast from MuddHouse Media. The 11-episode series features the people at the heart of the historic rebuilding of the new World Trade Center. Among the major figures featured throughout the series are World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein; former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg; WTC Master Planner Daniel Libeskind; National 9/11 Memorial architect Michael Arad; the architects and engineers behind the new World Trade Center office towers; Manhattan business and community leaders; the artists, filmmakers and photographers who have captured and documented the historic rebuilding effort; and many more. The Top of the World podcast is hosted by Silverstein's head of marketing Dara McQuillan. The podcast premiered exclusively this summer on SiriusXM, and is now available on all major podcast streaming platforms.

++ In The Crease: The ESPN NHL Podcast is a new sports podcast from ESPN. It is hosted by Hall of Fame sportscaster Linda Cohn and national NHL reporter Emily Kaplan. Cohn and Kaplan will bring fans their insider perspectives, reporting, reactions and analysis to the latest breaking headlines and under the radar stories both on and off the ice. The duo will also be joined regularly by ESPN’s lineup of NHL voices, current NHL stars and legends of the game.

“We can’t wait to give NHL fans what they’ve never had before,” said Cohn. “I’m ecstatic to team up with Emily who shares my passion for the greatest game in the world. It will be a must listen fix for every kind of hockey fan. Honest takes, storytelling, interviews and laughs. We are counting down the days.”

In The Crease will release new episodes every Monday and Thursday starting Sept. 20. 

“I’m thrilled for the opportunity to team up with Linda – a role model I’ve long admired, who I am now lucky enough to call a friend,” said Kaplan. “We truly believe we’ll be able to bring hockey fans something unique. We’re going to use this platform to share our opinions and insights from covering the game, while having candid and fun conversations with players that will let their personalities shine through.”

++ Artifactual is a new podcast from documentary filmmaker Tom Jennings and 1895 Films. The podcast will cover stories from politics, religion, history, crime, sports, mystery and travel. The producers say the Artifactual podcast will maintain the 1895 Films tradition of documentary storytelling, focused on a wide-range of captivating content from all corners of the world. Its inaugural episode will examine one of history’s most notorious slayings, with Eyewitness to the Lincoln Assassination – a story told by 19th Century American stage and film actor Joseph Hazelton, on witnessing the assassination of Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre. Live from Pearl Harbor is slated to follow, featuring a Hawaiian radio-DJ-turned-covert-Navy-censor who interrupts his station’s live broadcast of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. 

“I am thrilled that we’re expanding our storytelling across new platforms as we continue to bring history to life for a new audience,” said Jennings. “The series will reveal tales behind amazing archival material scattered across the world - from libraries to universities, radio station basements and even grandparents' attics. With this material as our lens, we can tell some of history's smaller and more overlooked, but nonetheless very compelling stories.”

Artifactual will release a new episode once every two weeks with a diversified list of topics. Podcasts will range anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five minutes per episode.

++ Making Space is a new podcast from NBC. Hosted by NBC “Today” show host Hoda Kotb, the eight-episode series will focus on the importance of “making space” in life to find happiness. In each episode, Kotb will interview some of the people she admires most, and whose stories of personal triumph keep her going. Guests include authors Mitch Albom and Anne Lamott, and Pastor Michael Todd of the Transformation Church in Tulsa.

++ Celeb vs. Superfan is a new podcast from Wondery. This is the game show that makes superfans’ dreams come true. Comedian Taylor Tomlinson hosts an epic showdown between superstar and super-fan, filled with obscure (and often hilarious) questions. Each week, Taylor will introduce a musician, influencer, actor, or personality to someone who has always wanted to meet them, and they will face off. Along the way, we learn about their lives, from the pre-fame days up until today. 

++ Center of Gravity: A PlainStory Podcast is a new series from Nebraska Public Media. Center of Gravity is the story of the Midwest misfits and punks, who loved skateboarding before it was commodified, before it was cool, and definitely before it became an Olympic sport. Hear it straight from those keepers of speed, power, and style, who have been pushing across the heartland since the beginning.

++ SyncLove is a new podcast from SyncFloor. The five-episode podcast is a collection of interviews amplifying powerful voices in the world of music supervision. SyncLove aims to give film and music fans an inside look into the emotional storytelling behind music placement in film. 

Hosted by Kirt Debique, founder of SyncFloor and Brick Lane Records, SyncLove episodes are led by the guest, where they have the freedom to share whatever they may feel, with topics ranging from the unconscious effects of sound and music, to how a particular sync placement inspired a career in music supervision. The series is documents some of the most amazing moments in sync, by industry figures such as award-winning music supervisor Mike Ladman and Dream tech specialist Saelyx Finna (previously known as Courtney Sheehan), among others. 

“There’s a growing awareness and appreciation of what music supervisors do, the art as well as the craft of their work, but they have very few opportunities to chat about what really inspires them outside of their own projects,” explains Debique. “We began inviting sync professionals to talk with us and centered the conversation on one film that had an impact on their aesthetics and career. Their choices are really striking and the passion you’ll hear in these interviews is infectious.”

The series is produced by the team at ElectraCast Media. 

“SyncLove is a treasure trove for lovers of movies and music,” says ElectraCast Media CEO Mark Netter. “Kirt and his guests are a pleasure to listen to, both for inspiring analysis of amazing soundtracks and inside secrets about how real professionals choose the right tunes for the perfect cinematic moments.”

++ Lone Lobos is a new podcast from iHeartMedia’s new My Cultura Podcast Network. Hosted by actors Xolo Maridueña and Jacob Bertrand – stars of the Netflix smash “Cobra Kai” that was just picked up for a fifth season – the talk show formatted-series is centered on the two budding stars discussing all things pop culture and featuring the occasional guest. Lone Lobos is slated to debut Sept. 21. 

++ American Vigilante is a new true crime podcast from Crowd Network. Hosted by former BBC Journalist Sam Walker, the show is about KC, a military veteran who after he was the victim of a violent assault, his Brotherhood of Vigilance has been standing up and protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Walker has been speaking to KC for months and has recorded everything he’s told her. It’s shocking, inspiring, frightening and thought-provoking story.

++ Fade the Booth is a new sports podcast from the Bleav Podcast Network. It is hosted by Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Desean Jackson, who will have some of the biggest sports name on his show to talk about the NFL season. Jackson is in his 14th season playing in the NFL.

++ Premeditation is a new romantic comedy from The Latino Theater Company. Written by resident playwright Evelina Fernández, Premeditation takes audiences on a noir-inspired journey through the intricacies of marriage. The series features two disgruntled housewives from opposite sides of the track: Esmeralda, sophisticated and calculating, and Lydia, foul-mouthed and pragmatic. Both are about to discover the lengths they’ll go to in order to get their husbands’ attention. The Latino Theatre Company premiered the Premeditation stage show in 2014 at the Los Angeles Theatre Center. For the podcast, the show will once again directed by Latino Theater Company artistic director José Luis Valenzuela and starring Fernandez alongside company members Sal Lopez, Geoffrey Rivas and Lucy Rodriguez. The first two episodes will launch on Oct. 1, with the remaining four episodes scheduled for release weekly.

++ Invisibilia is launching a new season. the NPR podcast hosted by Kia Miakka Natisse and Yowei Shaw will focus on friendships in the new season as listeners work to solve friendship mysteries in their own lives. "We heard from hundreds of our listeners, some with unusual stories, others asking for help, and a few just excited to brag about how great their friends are," said Natisse. 

Adds Shaw, "Our listeners had such interesting questions that we hadn't thought of before, that challenged assumptions we had about friendship and helped us think about it in new ways." The fall season will also feature work from reporter/producers Abby Wendle, Andrew Mambo, Justine Yan, David Gutherz and Rhaina Cohen.

++ IVFU returns for a new season. The podcast hosted by singer-songwriter Sam Shaber guides listeners through the world of in vitro fertilization, adoption, and all the pain, joy, angst, and love of trying to make a family the new-fashioned way. Each week on season two will introduce listeners to a story from a diverse group of people who took their own unique paths to parenthood - often finding themselves in unexpected places and with very unexpected outcomes.

“Our aim is for each story, through its individual and unique lens, to capture the universal emotions people feel when they’re trying to get that one thing that feels so far out of reach,” says Shaber.

The series features intended parents (gay, straight and single), doctors, egg donors, adoptive and transracial parents, and more, as well as from Shaber herself, while on her own journey to have a baby via surrogacy. Many of the interviews featured this season were recorded in person, prior to the pandemic.

++ Impostors: The Commander is releasing a new second season of the series from Topic Studios with Transmitter Media and is a Spotify Original from Parcast. In this season, journalist and host Abby Ellin tells the incredible story of a con man who entangled her, friends, family, coworkers, and other lovers in an identity fraud scheme that stretched all the way to the Pentagon. In the series, based on her book “Duped: Double Lives, False Identities, and the Con Man I Almost Married,” Ellin shares The Commander’s journey from duper to felon through the eyes of the people he lied to. She talks to experts of all stripes: lie detectors who spot dupers, scientists who study trust and deception, and psychologists who work with those who’ve experienced a traumatic deception. And she seeks answers: why do we fall for cons and liars? How did she herself become so entrapped? And when you’ve been through an experience like this, can you ever trust again? The executive producers are Abby Ellin; Maria Zuckerman, Christy Gressman, Lisa Leingang, Leital Molad for Topic Studios; Gretta Cohn for Transmitter Media; and Max Cutler for Parcast.

++ 70 Million returns for a fourth season. The criminal justice podcast from LWC Studios investigates how locals are addressing jail reform around the country. Over three seasons, 70 Million has documented the impact of local jails in communities across the country, and what neighbors and local leaders are doing to mitigate it. Season four will delve into how police, jails, and prisons became “the catch-all for unattended social ills and forgotten populations.” Episodes will profile local residents testing radical solutions, practitioners jettisoning outmoded treatments, and those taking on the big questions that can lead to real change and alleviate the strains our bloated criminal justice matrix places on our economy, communities, and people.

“The issues 70 Million covers aren’t going away. In fact, the past year has only intensified many of them,” says Jen Chien, the show’s founding and current editor and LWC Studios’ Executive Editor. “This season we’ve assembled an amazing team of reporters—some new to the show, some returning—to dive deep, and they’ve brought us inspiring and compelling stories from all over the country. I can’t wait for audiences to hear them.”

In addition to 10 episodes each season, the show offers accompanying resource guides and annotated transcripts that are entry points for further learning. 

++ Our America with Julián Castro is launching a new season. On this season Castro helps listeners understand how to make sense of a non-stop stream of concerning headlines affecting our daily lives. Castro is joined each week by his long-time staffer, the very unfiltered Sawyer Hackett, plus a smattering of good friends and family members across the country to reveal insider perspectives on the issues troubling America. Covering voting, abortion, poverty, immigration, the stacked federal courts, and more -- new episodes of Lemonada Media’s Our America with Julián Castro are available every Wednesday, starting Oct. 13. 

++ The Big Band and Swing Podcast is a weekly podcast that focuses on the music, artists and history of the Big Band Era. Listeners will hear restored, vintage recordings and performances rescued from the vast archives of old time radio. Podcast host, Ronnaldo, takes listeners back to the 1930's and 40's to experience for themselves the classic and sometimes forgotten tracks of the era. Ronnaldo also discusses the artists behind these great songs, performers like Glenn Miller, Count Basie, Benny Goodman and The Andrews Sisters. He also explains the history of some of these recordings, features old radio commercials and other historical audio clips to immerse the listener into the time period.

++ Face the Jury returns for a second season. Hosted by Lloyd Bell, founder of Atlanta-based Bell Law Firm, each episode focuses on specific issues surrounding medical malpractice in America, while telling the stories of real people harmed by medical negligence and their pursuit of justice. The series brings together a balance of courtroom anecdotes, trial techniques and current event analysis complete with thoughtful industry experts and guests. 

“We were thrilled with the response from the first season, but realize there’s still so much ground to cover,” says Bell. “With this new season, we remain a committed resource to our listeners, discussing issues of medical malpractice and equipping them with the information on how to spot it, understand it, and prevent it.” 

++ Off Script with Ruth and Mitch is a new video podcast hosted by Creative Future CEO Ruth Vitale and Recording Industry Association of America CEO Mitch Glazier. The podcast blends conversations about creativity with discussions of relevant policy and social issues as they feature guests in music, film, and government.

“OffScript brings creators and policymakers together to share stories – from life in the arts and coping with COVID to navigating politics in these strange and challenging times,” says Glazier. “Ruth and I had a blast talking with these legends and leaders and I think anyone who cares about music, politics, and our culture will find something in Off Script that lifts them up and makes them laugh.”

The first three episodes feature founding member of The Supremes Mary Wilson, Representative Ted Deutch (D, FL-22) and producer Jonathan Yunger (The Expendables, The Hitman’s Bodyguard), and Representative Maria Salazar (R, FL-27) and Miami music legend Emilio Estefan.

“While recording this podcast, Mitch and I had so much fun speaking with some of the world’s most acclaimed creatives and leading policymakers,” says Vitale. “Our guests on OffScript – in addition to being great conversationalists – share a passion for creativity and an appreciation for the massive economic contributions made by the creative communities. Their stories of hard work, passion, and dedication are certain to resonate.”

++ Business, Interrupted is a new podcast from Castellan Solutions, the global provider of business continuity and operational resilience solutions. Hosted by Brian Zawada, COO of Castellan, and Cheyene Marling, Managing Director of BC Management, the series takes listeners on a guided journey of self-reflection – learning from the world’s best leaders and providing actionable insights to help business people get ready for any challenge that comes their way.

“The past two years have taught us that disruption is no longer a ‘what if’ conversation,” said Zawada. “By launching this podcast, we aim to share our knowledge and the experience of others through in-depth conversations to give the audience complete confidence in maintaining business as usual – no matter the disruption.” 

++ Next Step Podcast is a new financial series from Regions Bank. Its episodes are based on common themes that are in demand among consumers. Designed to be quick, educational, and action-oriented, the Next Step Podcast collection features Regions financial wellness relationship managers and various subject-matter experts discussing personal finance topics, including budgeting, saving, credit, homeownership, and student finances. Business topics are also covered, such as building a new business successfully, engaging with customers, and career development. More than 60 episodes will be available by the end of October.