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Podcasters will be on the stage at this week’s National Association of Black Journalists Convention and Career Fair in Las Vegas. During a panel scheduled for Friday, theGrio Senior VP of News and Entertainment Geraldine Moriba will discuss plans for the recently-launched theGrio Black Podcast Network. In addition, Moriba will be joined by a panel of hosts from the network, including Touré, Michael Harriot, Panama Jackson, and Maiysha Kai, to discuss Black culture, its role in the power of podcasting, and how the podcast hosts hone their special craft. 

In May, Allen Media Group’s theGrio launched theGrio Black Podcast Network. It features a mix of content and perspectives, with shows ranging from a daily news series to a variety of talk, comedy and culture podcasts from the Black perspective. 

“TheGrio Black Podcast Network is the ultimate destination for the world’s best podcast talent and content,” said Byron Allen, founder/Chairman/CEO of Allen Media Group. “Unfiltered African-American voices are more needed today than ever before, and theGrio is one-thousand percent committed to amplifying our perspectives and culture worldwide.”

Allen Media Group recently acquired Black News Channel and it is expected that will funnel additional content into theGrio, including podcasts.

During Friday’s Black Journalists Convention and Career Fair, two of theGrio’s podcasts will also do live-to-tape recording of episodes. They include Dear Culture with Panama Jackson, a show that mixes information and “edutainment” to start provocative conversations, and the interview show Writing Black with Maiysha Kai who is also TheGrio’s lifestyle editor and columnist.

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