Remi Adeleke 220

Plenty of podcasts have spawned film and television adaptations, but Tenderfoot TV is heading in the other direction. It has struck a two-podcast deal with writer/actor/director Remi Adeleke to adapt his human trafficking and organ harvesting short film, “The Unexpected,” into audio stories.

The first is called The Unexpected Podcast. It is a true crime narrative audio project that dives into the stories of human trafficking, including sex trafficking, organ harvesting and forced labor. Adeleke will host the series. 

The other podcast is titled B1 Butcher. The scripted fictional podcast is based on true life events, exploring the gritty, globetrotting thriller about the hunt for Africa’s most notorious serial killer and Black Market villain. This podcast series is in partnership with John Dryden and Brett Neichin of Lights Out. 

“It's been a great experience to work with Remi to develop content with a larger purpose in mind," says Donald Albright, Co-Founder and President of Tenderfoot TV. “He is diving into a plethora of important topics from sex trafficking and organ harvesting to forced labor, all of which are more relevant than ever in today’s landscape.” 

Both podcasts are set for release in 2023.

“The Unexpected” is also being adapted into an action-thriller film titled “Unexpected Redemption.” Set for a September 30 release, it picks up five years from where the short left off and delves deeper into the dark and treacherous world of human trafficking, specifically focusing on the rarely talked about world of organ harvesting. Alan Siegel and G-BASE will be producing and Adeleke will be directing the film which he wrote himself.

"Human Trafficking is the fastest growing illegal enterprise in the world, and organ harvesting is one of the ugliest forms and least reported on,” said Adeleke. “There are more people enslaved around the world today than any other time in human history. And, as a descendent of slaves on my mother’s side, I felt it would be a travesty for me to not use my background and real-world experiences to expose this evil."