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The ongoing controversy over Joe Rogan’s vaccine comments and Spotify’s new content rules shows no signs of abating. And it is not just musicians that are taking steps to put pressure on Spotify. The creators of the Science Vs.podcast say Spotify’s support of Rogan has “felt like a slap in the face” and it will limit its new shows on the platform.

“Until Spotify implements stronger methods to prevent the spread of misinformation on the platform, we will no longer be making new Science Vs episodes, except those intended to counteract misinformation being spread on Spotify,” Executive Producer Wendy Zukerman and Editor Blythe Terrell said in a letter posted on Twitter. “We understand that moderating content across a large platform can be difficult, but we think Spotify has a responsible to do more,” they added. Zuckerman also said that Science Vs. is working on a show to address comments made on The Joe Rogan Experience, inviting Rogan to appear on their show.

Brené Brown, the host of the Unlocking Us and Dare to Lead podcasts, announced over the weekend that she would not be release any new podcasts on Spotify until further notice. 

“I paused because, as a creator with two podcasts exclusively on Spotify, I wanted to better understand the organization’s misinformation policy. I wanted to talk to the Spotify leadership about their position, their policies, and the application of those policies. I met with them twice last week and once again this week. I’ve listened, they’ve listened, and my assessment is that everyone is open and learning—including me,” said Brown in a statement

Brown has been getting lots of blowback on her social media account saying she wants to “cancel” or “censor” Rogan’s show. She said that is not the case. 

“I’m not interested in canceling or silencing or censoring anyone, including Joe Rogan. This was not, nor has it ever been, framed to the public or to Spotify as ‘me or Joe’,” she said. “I do not support censorship. I have a long history of supporting free speech and supporting organizations that protect free speech. My support for the First Amendment has been unwavering—even when what is being said turns my stomach.”

Brown says now that Spotify has published its misinformation policy, she said it appears to address the majority of her concerns. “I’m in the process of learning how the policy will be applied. I’m hopeful that the podcasts will be back next week,” she said.

Meantime Spotify continues to lose some musicians. Graham Nash and India Arie both said they would pull their catalog off the streaming service. The move follows similar moves by Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. Arie said it is not only misinformation that worries her, but she said in an Instagram post that Rogan’s “language about race” was the tipping point for her.

Spotify also, for the first time, on Sunday made its platform rules publicly available. Among the things it says are not allowed is content “asserting that AIDS, COVID-19, cancer or other serious life threatening diseases are a hoax or not real.” What will happen to rule breakers? Spotify says it may result in content being removed. “Repeated or egregious violations may result in accounts being suspended and/or terminated,” it warned.

No Rogan episodes have been taken down – and none feature the newly created advisory.

Rogan has responded to the controversy, saying in in a nine-minute episode that he would be open to making changes in how he books guests. “If there's anything that I've done that I could do better, it's having more experts with differing opinions right after I have the controversial ones," Rogan said. “I would most certainly be open to doing that. And I would like to talk to some people who have differing opinions on the podcasts in the future. I do all the scheduling myself and I don’t always get it right.”

Rogan has received some support from across the celebrity spectrum including actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, singer Jewel, retired NFL quarterback Troy Aikman, and comedian Andrew Dice Clay. 

Spotify has given plenty of leeway to Rogan, despite his controversies, after it made him podcasting’s top-paid talent with a reported $100 million distribution deal that gave the streamer exclusive rights to his show.