Targetspot 220

Targetspot is picking up exclusive access to billions of monthly audio ad impressions from premium publishers and platforms with an agreement it has inked with the digital video content, tech, and advertising solutions company ShowHeroes.

“Digital audio advertising is one of the hottest marketing trends right now and it will only continue to grow in the coming years,” said ShowHeroes VP Bastian Döring. "Offering audio integrated with our video formats will provide an even wider range of monetization possibilities for our publishers while opening the doors for brands to reach customers at all touchpoints." 

The agreement signed gives Targetspot exclusive rights to sell audio ads within ShowHeroes’ inventory worldwide. The roll-out will start in Germany and the Netherlands, followed by Spain, France, the UK, Belgium, the U.S. and Canada. The agreement gives Targetspot access to more than 4,000 websites, 800 publishers and one billion unique users. 

“This video partnership with ShowHeroes validates our multi-pronged approach to audio advertising and opens up very promising prospects in many countries,” said Targetspot Chairman Alexandre Saboundjian. “These brands will be able to reach a much wider audience through audio advertisements broadcast on video than through campaigns broadcast on FM radio stations, for example.”

In Germany, where Berlin-based ShowHeroes is a partner of the country’s top three daily newspapers, the company reaches the equivalent of 94.1% of the television audience among adults over 16.