Radio Daze

Clear Media Network has created a new podcast targeted to the radio and record industry called the Radio Daze Podcast. Hosted by its President of Programming and Operation, Mark McCray, the network says the show aims to tell real crazy and funny stories that have happened to people working in the radio and record industries. Each episode will feature true stories from radio personalities, owners, managers, record reps and anyone associated with the radio and record industry.

“Our radio and record industry needs a fun podcast, one that reminds us about the fun and funny things we’ve experienced,” said McCray. One of my favorite things to do when talking to my colleagues is hearing their crazy and interesting radio stories.”

The Radio Daze Podcast is premiering this week with three episodes. The first episode titled “Bus Ride From Hell” is now available. The second episode titled “Try Not To Get Show” with Tony Scott will be released Wednesday, and the third episode titled “Drunk Preachers and Plane Crashes” with Smokey Rivers drops Friday.

Going forward, Clear Media Networks says new episodes of the Radio Daze Podcast will be available every Wednesday.